This is Addtech

Addtech is a Swedish publicly listed technology trading group. The business comprises about 130 independent companies that sell high-tech products and solutions to customers chiefly in the manufacturing and infrastructure sectors in around 20 countries. Addtech creates optimal conditions for the profitability and growth of subsidiaries.

Power Solutions

Power Solutions develops, markets and sells components and system solutions that ensure power supply, as well as operation and control of movements or energy flows, such as battery solutions and products used in the interaction between humans and machines. The business area's customers mainly work with special vehicles, telecoms, environmental technology and medical technology. The business area has its own strong brands and niche production.

Customised Solutions

The Customised Solutions business unit's companiesoffer customised electronic component solutions for products used in man-machine interaction (MMI).
Customised Solutions markets and sells its products worldwide, with the focus on Europe, North America and China. The business unit's products and solutions are used by several demanding OEMs of mining and forestry machines, electric vehicles, buses and medical devices.
The companies in Customised Solutions largely carry out their own design and manufacture. In collaboration with customers' design departments, they develop solutions that cost-efficiently meet customer requirements. The companies' expertise and products revolve around ergonomics and automation in order to simplify operators' day-to-day work on a machine or equipment.
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Other Customised Solutions Companies

Adigo AB
Supplier of electromechanical solutions
+46 316 72 340
Caldaro Inc
Joysticks manufacturer
+1715 808 8684
Frameco AB
Armrests manufacturer
+46 520 48 82 30
Sittab Inc
Seat accessories manufacturer
+46 243 24 42 50
FB Chain
Chains manufacturer
+44 1462 670844